If you are suffering from acute fever including acute headache, (severe cold) with acute fever, then immediately contact your doctor, you may have been suffering from swine flu. Swine flu is a respiratory system related illness, which is caused by A type of influenza virus. This virus is known as H1N1 and is active in seasonal flu. When we sneeze, the air, ground or surface on which the sputum or fluid particles emitted from the mouth and nose falls into the grip of the virus. These particles enter through the mouth or nose in the body of another person by touching by air or by someone else. Doors, window tables, chairs used or repeatedly used by an infected person

This virus can spread by using the computer keyboard, remote control or landline or mobile phone, so special caution is required.

  • Early Symptoms *

  • The continuous flow of nose, sneezing, closed nose.

  • muscle aches or cramps.

  • Intense headache (terrible pain in the head).

  • Continued cough.

  • Extreme fatigue or lethargy

  • Having a high fever, continuous increase in temperature even after taking medication.

  • A sore throat,

Sounds of difficulty in swallowing

  • Caution is required *

Children under 5 years old.

Aged men and women over 65 years old Pregnant women (especially 27 to 40 weeks)

Or Lungs Kidney Heart Neurotransmitter (Neurological Parkinson’s) or Paralysis, Diabetes, respiration People with low immunity (or new asthma) of asthma should have contact with their doctor once the initial symptoms of the flu are visible.

  • Yoga Stay healthy. Yoga is helpful in keeping body’s immunity and strong respiratory system. Swine flu can be avoided by the mentioned asanas and pranayama *.
  1. * Asana *




Pavan muktaan




Sukta Vagarsan

  1. Pranayama * –

Anglo alteration

Cranial rice



Long respiration


All the above asanas and pranayama should be done in the direction of Yogacharya.

  • Pattern *

Eat fresh food at home.

Drink more water.

Eat fresh fruits, seasonal, orange, plums, golden sav, watermelon and pomegranate.

All types of pulses and green vegetables can be eaten.

Lemonade, soda, sorbet

Milk, tea, all fruit juices can also whey and lassi.

Do not eat stale food and stuff stored in the fridge for a long time.

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