NanOlife Vishari Syrup

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100 Ml Bottle

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NanOlife Vishari can be used to treat Bacterial and viral infections, Flu, Gastritis (stomach infection), Gastrointestinal tract infection HIV/AIDS, Nosocomial infection, Pharyngitis (infection of the pharynx), Respiratory tract infection Throat infection, Tonsillitis (inflammation of tonsils), Tuberculosis, Urinary tract infection, Zoonotic infection (acquired through animals).

  • Vishari has proprietary silver nanoparticles with unprecedented broad-spectrum antibacterial and antifungal activities, with multipronged and multimodal effect on the complete destruction of a panel of microorganisms, to eliminate possibilities of both gram positive, and gram-negative bacteria to mutate and become drug resistant.
  • Vishari’s silver nanoparticles inhibits viral infections by blocking the attachment of virus to the cells, restricting its entrance and preventing the cell-to-cell spread of the virus.
  • Vishari causes bacterial cell wall damage and disruption of cytoplasmic membrane leading to leaching of metabolites, direct interference with DNA synthesis, concomitantly causing denaturing of bacterial proteins and enzymes.


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