• Sinusitis
    Sinusitis means inflamed sinuses. Sinuses are hollow air filled cavities located on either side of the nose. There are ten sinus cavities, five on each side, all connected to the nose.
    They are converted with a superfine mucous membrane. The sinus drains constantly into the nose and their main function is to keep the nasal cavity moist.
    They also serve to amplify the voice when we speak.
    Due to allergies, cold, flux or some bacterial infection the sinus in both adult or in children becomes clogged or infected.
    According to Ayurveda: There is a condition of excess kapha, that can be aggravated by many factors, including cold drinks, dairy products and smoking.
    Headache, snoring, difficulty in breathing, Bad breath, Ear infection, congestion, cough, Fever, Fatigue weakness.
    If not treated, sinus can lead to brain infection, meningitis or Osteomyelitis.
    Principles of Treatment:
    Home Remedies:
    A mixture of fresh ginger juice (a freshly grated ginger pulp) with 1 tsp. honey, taken 2 or 3 times a day.
    Nasal wash to drain the sinus – a mild saline solution by dissolving ½ tsp. salt into ½ cup Luke warm water. Instill 5 drops of the solution into each nostril using a dropper.
    Steam @ Home: heat-up about a cupful of water and add 3-5 drops of eucalyptus oil. Turn off the flame, cover your head using a towel and inhale the steam. Eucalyptus oil can be replaced with ginger juice, if not comfortable.
    Use a garlic press to squeeze out some fresh garlic juice, with an eye dropper, pick up some juice and insert just a few drops in the nostril. Keep your head tilted back and let the juice work.
    Ayurvedic Preparation & Treatment:
    Nasayam: Nasal track purification with medicated decoction and oil.
    Teekshana Dhoomapana: Inhalation of medicated smoke
    Shodhana Treatment: Purification therapies
    Preparations: Trikatu Choornam with honey
    Talisadi Choornam
    Haridra khanda
    Allergin granules
    Laghu sutshekhara Rasa
    Yoga Therapy:
    Pranayam (Alternate breathing)
    Surya Namaskar
    Diet and Lifestyle:
    Prevention tips:
    Avoid dairy products, especially cheese, yoghurt and ice cream
    Avoid cold drinks, and more cold weather
    No smoking (Avoid)
    Avoid day sleep, sweet
    Once a day, instill a little warm ghee in each nostril and sniff. You may use an eye dropper or use a clean finger dipped in the ghee.
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