Dental And Oral Health: Through Ayurveda

In Ayurveda dental health ( Danta Swasthya ) is discussed under shalakyatantra ( Mukhaaroga ) . Dental health is known to be characteristic and differs based on an individual’s constitution( Prakriti ) . As per shalakyatantra, 65 different types of oral disease can originate in defferent anatomical location: 8 are related to teeth , 5 to tounge , 8 to lips , 9 to palate , 15 to alveolar margin and 17 to oropharynx , 3 occur in generalized form . Ayurveda perceives a link between oral health and overall health .

Proper oral care ensures that the teeth and gums remain intact, while promoting overall health and well being. Good oral health enhance the sense of taste , support detoxification of oral tissues , promotes optimal digestive strength , and boosts immunity . Dental health is directly correlated with bone health, as teeth are considered to be the by product of osseous tissue .In addition to the direct factors , such as exposure to excess sugar, acidic foods, cold foods and water, which affect dental health , lack of proper nutrition , overall health status and stress levels can also influence dental health.

Ayurveda recommends certain oral hygiene practices such as using herbals brushes ( Chewing herbal branches) obtained from the fresh stem of plants ( such as Nimba , Yastimadhu, Babul, Jatiphalam and Arjuna) these should be either astringent ( kashaya ) , acidic ( Katu ) or bitter ( Tikta) , swishing certain oils( like eremedadi oil ) in the mouthThis technique helps strengthen and maintain healthy teeth, strengthen the jawsand improve taste perception . the medicated  and scraping the tongue. Current research shows that herbal twigs of plants the have been described in ayurvedic text have medicinal and anticariogenic properties .

All these aforementioned practices help reduce or prevent dental issues such as tooth sensitivity  , cavities , pyorrhoea, gingivitis , stamatitis and bleeding gums . herb such as Tulsi , Tvak and Lavanga have been used in treating several common dental problems

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