In today’s fast-paced life, Migraine is an ailment that strikes many, often caused by stress, it can be treated or managed with a number of simple remedies.

Migraine is an intense, often unbearable, throbbing, pulsating and pounding type of headache found more commonly in women than men. The pain can be so intense that it negatively affect our quality of life and day to day routine activities.

The typical Migraine headache is unilateral affecting one half of the head &lasting for 4 to 72 hrs.


Although much about headache is still not clear, some researcher thinks Migraine may be caused partly due to fluctuations in the balance of a body chemical called SEROTONIN.

High serotonin levels cause your blood vessels to constrict , when the level of serotonin drop, it causes your blood vessels to dilate or swell resulting in a bad throbbing headache.


  • Stresses &Anxiety
  • Food like cheese & chocolate  which contain a substances to which blood vessels are very sensitive.
  • Premenstrual tension
  • Bright& flashing lights.
  • Use of contraceptive pills.


  • Dull & severeache on one or both sided of the head.
  • Nausea and vomiting.
  • Disturbances in vision.
  • Irritability at the bright light, noise etc.
  • Get fatigued


COMMON  MIGRAINE-Slowly developing headache lasting for a few hours or two days.

CLASSIC MIGRAINE-headache prceded by a temporary loss of vision, weakness in the limb, nausea, depression, uneasiness. Classic migrane can cause headache one or both sides of your head.

Treatment/Prevention tips

  • Avoid alcohol, stressful situation, loud noises.
  • Breakfast  should  include only juice & fluids, tender coconut water, raw juice of banana’s stem, mint juice, soups, etc
  • Two meals a day with less fat, spices and sour things.
  • Alternate hot and cold spine compression.


    • Short fasting on water or juice gives the best result.


    • Massage your forehead with a cold cloth.
    • Gentle massage over eyes , temples and forehead back and neck.


    • Shirshasana may be practiced for one minute,
    • Sarvangasana for two minutes and suryanamaskara  should  be perform daily.


    • Close your eyes and focus between your eyebrows, observe your breathing. It will relax the nervous system to a great extent.



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